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Wale Falade, Black Architect


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Wale is the founder of FIHÀN Design+Architecure . He has decades of experience in the industry and  started the practice based on the tenet of democratizing design access and believes in the value of collaborative design to articulate shared visions and goals in the built environment.

Wale grew up in Lagos, Nigeria before emigrating to Minnesota to study Architecture at the University of Minnesota.

Wale also teaches Architecture Studio at Dunwoody College, Minneapolis and enjoys cooking, making furniture, mixing music, playing bass guitar, and soccer.

Whether you're looking at a small addition to your home, a new house, a renovation of your shop, or a new building for your business, our process and approach are tailored to your specific needs. Any of the typical architecture process described here can be modified to suit your project.

We enjoy design and design representation. We strive to craft a collaborative process that is stripped of architectural jargons but packed with mutual engagement, education, and benefits.

Our Process


We work with you to research and gather information about the project. 

This sometimes might include programming, a process in which the desired/required sizes of spaces are outlined and relationship between spaces and the project goals and objectives are defined

Schematic Design

Sometimes referred to as Conceptual Design, we develop  various design alternatives using sketches and diagrams to show building layout and room sizes

Design Development

At this point, we refine your design selection from the conceptual phase. Fleshing out material options and structural systems. 

Construction Drawings

We work to coordinate all components of the building. These could vary per scope but may include the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system.

Our team works to develop drawings for pricing, construction, and building permits

Construction Administration

The scope of work at this phase could vary but can include helping you develop bid documents, reviewing contractor bids, performing site observations, reviewing request for substitutions or information and other items pertaining to the design during construction

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